Google in Numbers

Google is massive – but just how massive? Here are some interesting facts about Google – some, like their over-reliance on AdWords, you probably already knew, and some, like their usage and mobile revenue ads that make for very interesting reading.


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Economically-sustainable development in Pakistan

Historically speaking, real economic development requires a certain set of socio-political conditions to happen. Crucially, it almost always happens in small bursts, preceding and followed by periods of tranquility, if not a slideback.

So what are the key ingredients necessary for economic development?


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Youth and Political Change in Pakistan

pakistan Youth and Political Change in Pakistan

Can youth activism drive meaningful political change in Pakistan?

The short answer to that is maybe, with a few caveats. Is the incumbent establishment well-entrenched and internationally supported? Are there ‘opposition’ groups ready to hijack any activist movement for their own political goals? Are people in the country sharply divided across ethnic, religious and tribal lines? Is there a clear vision behind the movement, or are we limited purely to regime / ideological changes? Is there the unity, discipline and will beind the movement to implement their vision?

Nevertheless, change IS possible if there is massive action, and political change driven by youth movements / civil society groups is a realistic target if there is a clear vision beyond regime change and the movement behind the action has the ability to implement said vision.


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Using Your Power For Good

The Abbottabad raid on Sunday night had a surprisingly unintended outcome – apart from the usual debate on Pakistan’s ‘problems’ and the moral right (or lack thereof) of the US government’s actions in the last 10 years – the raid also served to pique the world’s interest in Pakistan and it’s people.

No where was this more evident than in the lives of Pakistani Internet entreprenuers who experienced a surge in people from the world over asking them questions about Pakistan, the political situation in the country, about Abbottabad, and a hundred other things.

It drove home an important point – the proliferation of social media and blogging gives people a wide variety of options from which to get their news and insights from, and in the aftermath of the raid many people turned to Pakistani bloggers (and Tweeters) for their information fix on Pakistan.

To paraphrase what one of these new followers (susannyc) said, we need to find the positives in each situation, and building on that, each event in our lives provides us with an opportunity and it’s up to us how we choose to use that opportunity.


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The Battle At Dawn

wolf eyes The Battle At Dawn

It’s A Good Day To Die

I know the fear of death, but it brings no urgency to my life. If I died today, there is nothing I would regret missing out, nothing I would wish I had more time for. Indeed, my greatest concern is to let people know what to do with my ‘stuff’ when I’m gone (always the extra-efficient one, you see).

These are not the musings of a man bound by morbidity or fascinated with death. These are not my final words. These are just thoughts, a window into a conversation. If you were ever concerned, this isn’t the thing to be concerned about. Send me an iPad instead.


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The Future According To Google


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Creating The Perfect Belief System

belief system 1 Creating The Perfect Belief System

People will believe just about anything, but they won’t believe everything.

The perfect belief system captures the essence of that experience and uses it to it’s advantage. Instead of trying to close all the loopholes, instead of trying to use reasoning to answer all the what ifs, you simply need to do the following:


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In defence of Misbah-ul-Haq

Misbah-ul-Haq is a limited batsman.

This isn’t a criticism (and you’ll find plenty of critics today), just fact. He has a limited range of orthodox scoring shots, he lacks the hitting power of a Shahid Afridi (although he’s not as weak as Younus Khan), and worst of all, he lacks the dexterity of a Javed Miandad in rotating the strike early in his innings.

But where he stands out – and this is crucial in a team that is traditionally poor in this area – is his mental strength, his calmness, his ability to keep fighting till the end, and through that strength, the flickers of hope he gives to his teammates (and the viewers) as long as he is at the crease.


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Why You Should (Or Shouldn’t) Get Married

heaven hell Why You Should (Or Shouldnt) Get Married

This blog post is for people who aren’t married – either by choice or fortune (good or bad is your own interpretation!). What works, what doesn’t, why you should / shouldn’t, etc.

We live in a world where marriage is still subtly (or forcibly, depending on which part of the world you live in) thrust upon us as a ‘logical next step’, and yet the same world affords us enough room to live without it (you still can’t escape the chatting behind your back wondering why you’re not married yet though). Monogamy vs perennial solitude aren’t the only options available to you, although it may seem that way sometimes given how our society is set up.

So let’s get started:


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When Men Take The Day Off

take the day off When Men Take The Day Off

via Reddit.

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