A Child’s Dream

Racking my brain for ideas. The outlandish. The otherwordly. The impossible. Even the unthinkable.

There’s nothing. I cleared my mind of pressing concerns, of plans and money and sex and everything else. I cleared it all out, and then there was nothing. No inner voice, no spark of genius, just space. Nothingness. I was a zombie.

We’re all zombies. The remarkable has escaped us, somewhere between the minute we started asking questions and the time we started worrying about broken relationships, about money, about religion, about survival, about houses and cars and clothes and work. WORK. Work. The spark never had a chance against Work.

What I want in life is measurable. Money. Fame. Health. What bullshit. We’ve gone from wondering what life held for us to repeatedly fall into the same patterns that we rebelled against in our youth. Maybe the purpose of life really is to become a mindless zombie, but to lose that spark of wonder and creativity from your childhood? That is murder.

Children can be adorable. They can also be very annoying. But there’s something about children that we collectively work towards destroying – their identity, their spirit, their natural capacity to create and to explore new ideas. The regimentation comes too quickly, wreaks too much havoc and leaves behind incomplete men and women, capable of surviving as sheep (with some thriving) but incapable of standing on their own to produce / contribute anything of real value to their own lives or to the world around them.

Children have the most wonderful dreams and the self-assurance to persevere beyond reason for those dreams. As grown-ups, we have the means to make any dream come true.

Maybe it’s time we stepped back from the daily grind and dared to dream again. It’s not easy, it’s not always pretty either, but you must revive that spark inside you, the one that makes you create new worlds and spawns new challenges for you.

If you can’t dream, at least make someone else’s dreams come true. We have the means to do so, every day, starting from your home and the people closest to you.

After all, wouldn’t you want your dreams to come true?

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