Cricket Revolution

cricket-revolutionI first heard about Cricket Revolution in February 09, when I met Babar Ahmed of Mindstorm Studios at the Startup Insiders session at LUMS, organised by P@SHA.

The first question that popped in my mind at the time, perhaps a bit unfair, was: “Will this be better than the current crop of cricket games in the market?”

Having played the game over the last weekend, the answer is yes and no. Let me explain.

Practice, Temperament, and Timing

The first thing that hits you when you start Cricket Revolution is how successfully the creators have created a game worth playing with your friends. The gameplay is excellent, not as an end to itself but to server a greater purpose – making online gaming that much more rewarding.

Learning how to bat and bowl effectively requires good practice, a certain temperament and really good timing. The game has an enjoyable learning curve but as opposed to other simulation games (International Cricket Captain or Brian Lara) there is little value in playing the game by yourself unless you’re practicing your skills. The lack of licensed players, test matches and ‘campaigns’ for national teams is so glaring that it’s obviously deliberate – the game developers wanted a viral cricket game that could be played between friends, not a mainstream simulation game.

In that respect, they’ve done quite well. You can purchase the game via Steam and try out the demo at the game site before buying.

It’s a game that requires you to think on every ball – what shot to play, how to play it, how to work the field, where to bowl, how to set up your opponent by bowling a series of deliveries…there is a lot going on in there, and the real-world parallels are unmissable.

The game requires a bit more polish in certain – and as I told Babar back in February, they need a better marketing team – but overall it’s a fun game to play and keeping in mind that this was completely developed in Pakistan, a significant achievement that should be celebrated.


Each game has room for improvement, and Cricket Revolution is no different. Keeping in mind that this is game focused on online play, here are a few tips to spice things up:

1. Player fatigue – would like to see how the game simulates this. Having only played 10 and 20 over matches so far, I haven’t seen this become an issue.

2. Test matches – because it keeps people playing the game longer.

3. Scenarios – playable online as well as offline.

4. Better marketing – It’s a seriously good game that should get as much exposure as possible.


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