While explaining to someone what I do, I got this oft-repeated comment:

“You’re so lucky to be doing something like that, not many people get the chance to do something different.”

That’s just not true, and here’s why: our whole lives are spent making choices. From when you’re struggling to get up in the morning (drowsy or not, you’re making a choice to hit the snooze button) to when you’re deciding between checking what’s on the TV or hitting the bed early, you’re making choices in your life.

Do your homework or go out with friends? Get a summer job or just chill? Wake up early in the morning or sleep in (I covered this already, I know)? Another drink or call it a night? Volunteer for the new project or keep quiet and hope no one bothers you?

What we do in life is the outcome of our choices, and our circumstances. We cannot change where we are born, we cannot choose our family and we cannot choose the time and society we are born into. Our circumstances aren’t under our control, nor are the people around us.

But we CAN control are our choices, our decisions – and in a nutshell, whether we take advantage of the opportunities life presents us or we refuse the chance to move forward.

I don’t have any special talents; and to be honest, if I was to evaluate what I’ve accomplished, I’d say there are so many people who’ve done more than me at a younger age, that I’m not special at all.

But the fact is, like everybody else, I had some great opportunities in front of me. I blew almost all of them. The difference (for me) was that despite all the bad choices I made, I ended up making a few good ones too, and that’s why I’m here.

It’s not rocket science – and you certainly shouldn’t be worried about not having opportunities. You should be more concerned about not making any more bad choices, because that’s the only thing holding you back. The best opportunities will come out of the blue – let your hook always be cast, and learn to get out of your comfort zone. In this case, the grass really is greener on the other side.

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