Sharing your birthday with others

Sharing your birthday with someone (in)famous, or anyone else, only matters if you believe that people born on the same day share certain personality traits. (If you’re skeptical, my extended family is living proof of astrology – you can spot a Cancerian a mile away).

So when I found out that Antonio Cassano was born on the same day as my sister, it made me smile. It’s bad enough that my girlfriend shares the same birthday as my sister, but for the greatest primadona of modern-day football (let’s say he makes Cristiano Ronaldo look angelic) to be born on the same day was just too good.

And it makes sense too, although in my defence my sister and my girlfriend are wonderful people and I love them very much – just as Cassano is a great guy too.

It was my birthday yesterday (21 October) and apparently I share my birthday with Barcelona’s Dream Team member Ion Andoni Goikoetxea (Goiko), former and current Manchester United players in Paul Ince, Kieran Richardson and Nemanja Vidic, cricketers Geoff Boycott, Trevor Chappell and Damian Martyn and to top it all off, Alfred Nobel and Kim Kardashian (full list here).

Not easy to pick some common personality traits from that lot, is there? No sex tapes, for sure, but I can see a few threads tying them together (stubborn to a fault, single-minded, strongly opinionated and misunderstood, reaching above and beyond limited talent and unfulfilled potential).

“To love for the sake of being loved is human, but to love for the sake of loving is angelic.” by Alphonse De La Martine, also born on 21 October.


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