The Real Cost Of A Blog Reboot

When I tell people how much it costs to have their blog rebooted, they often react as if I’ve grabbed their wallet and made a run for it.

The truth is, no one who really needs this advice has any idea of how much its worth – for most people, spending $500-$1k to get a 2000-3000 word document telling you what to do is ridiculous. And I agree – why should you pay even $300 if you can do this yourself, right?

So let’s look at what it really takes to do a blog reboot:

What you’ll be creating: A 10-page document with specific, step-by-step instructions on how to grow your blog and take it in the right direction.

What you need from the client (yourself): The basics – a history of the blog, objectives, any special requirements (how to raise search rankings, best way to linkbait mainstream media, how to optimise the sales pitch, etc), blog analytics data, revenue figures and anything else you can tell about the audience (actual, not potential).

What you should know: Let’s see now – first it’s the work experience:

  • 8 years of experience as a professional copywriter – with a background in covering a variety of niches
  • 4 years of online marketing experience – both as practitioner and as trainer)
  • Another 4 years as a sales copywriter – along the way, learning how people tick, what motivates them and what drives them to buy one thing and not the other
  • A background as a web developer and programmer
  • A network of contacts that goes back several years – it’s amazing how many people are willing to help you once you yourself are in a prominent position and have the willingness to help them out first

and second, it’s the knowledge and training. Even if you haven’t done the above, I would recommend at least the following:

  • AWAI‘s Copywriting Course – everything you need to know about writing and the art of selling through words
  • Aaron Wall’s SEO Book (or SEOMoz‘s premium reports) – a crash course in SEO and online promotion. Better yet, get both
  • Steve Krug’s Don’t Make Me Think – a must for anyone who wants to build / optimize websites
  • Lorelle’s book on blogging – an excellent introduction to blogging

This is just off the top of my head, doesn’t cover social media marketing fully and does not include the dozens of books on marketing and psychology I’ve gone through (Jay Abraham, Seth Godin, Malcolm Gladwell, Kevin Hogan and Michael Masterson are just a few names I would recommend to you). Get Perry Marshall’s course on AdWords. Gorge yourself on how to make money using AdSense, affiliate marketing, selling infoproducts and what not. At the end of the day, when you add up all the costs it is easily 5 to 10 times what you’d pay for a simple blog reboot.

To be brutally honest, I’m a novice – there are far more experienced people working in this niche and each and every one of them should charge 4 figures per hour.

And lest we forget (although this has more to do with extended promotion campaigns than just a reboot), there’s the influence, and when you combine that with what we’ve discussed above, you get stories like:

  • Driving 1.6M (1,600,000) pageviews to a single linkbait in 48 hours
  • Building a website that gets 100k pageviews, per day
  • Creating the most popular blog of its time in a competitive niche, sweeping aside several established rivals
  • Developing content (and building links) that gets steady traffic even after an year (what would you do with that formula?)
  • Creating websites that are regularly read and referenced to by mainstream media (I’m talking Fox News, Reuters and BBC)

If you don’t have that sort of knowledge, experience and results at your side AND you want to make money online, chances are that you need these services sooner or later (or you could work hard at it for a few years and spend money in training and learning until you get there yourself).

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