What do they want?

Sorry, it doesn’t matter what ‘you’ want. What matters is this:

  • People usually DON’T want what you want
  • ‘Want’ means what they’re working towards subconsciously, not what they claim to want
  • If people DO want what you want, they want it for themselves first

So how do you find out what people want?

Look at what they ‘consume’, look for patterns across products and services and ideas, look at what they ‘reject’, and tailor your offer accordingly.

If you’re looking to sell, look at what people buy. If you’re looking to get links, look at what people link to. If you’re looking for a girl, look at what girls are attracted to. It’s not rocket science if you break it down to one step at a time, get past your (mostly self-created) obstacles and actually do what’s required.

More thoughts:

  • Clothes help feed your self-image, any other selling strategy isn’t going to be as effective.
  • With links – tapping into ‘that’s funny’ or ‘that’s cool’ is difficult, tapping into ‘I agree with this’, ‘I should do this’, ‘I’m like that’, ‘I can use this later’ and ‘this makes me look cool because everyone is doing it’ is easier.
  • Patterns are sometimes different from what’s being said. Trust what you see over time more than what you’re told.
  • Pay very close attention to what people reject – if what you’re offering contains such an element, it’s another obstacle between people doing what you want them to do and them actually doing it. Remove the obstacles.

So…do you know what they want?

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